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Say It Again Now, For The First Time

  • LA Shambhala (westside) 3877A Grand View Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90066 United States (map)

Who doesn't want to say what they mean? And yet, how often have we left a conversation feeling like what we said, didn't communicate what we meant?

"We must cleanse the word 

The word must be the wind 

The word must be the rain itself"

The Persian poet Sohrab Sepehri, in his poem The Footsteps of Water, expresses the desire to free language of concept and to return it to the essence of its meaning.

We spend a lot of time with words. Either we are talking or listening or reading. In repetition, words can lose their meanings. They mostly become outlines of ideas at best and cliché at worse. We may even find ourselves at times so frustrated with the words, that we long for silence. Yet the desire to communicate remains and language is a powerful medium to express ourselves through.

In this day-long Creativity Lab session, we will explore freeing the word from the binding of our conceptual mind so we can experience and express it in a fresh and authentic way. Through meditation and a series of movement, vocalization and imagery based inquiries, we will work individually and in groups to discover and express the essence of our words in this moment. 

Cost: $35

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Later Event: July 26
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